"We've been running our elevator advertising campaign for about six months.  It's an integral part of our marketing strategy.  We're reaching the exact demographic that we want to target.  I know it's working because my husband works in one of the buildings and he consistently sees our video!"

Phylis Frye - Director of Admissions
Westbury Christian School
Houston, TX

Captive Audience.  Proven Results.

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Reach Affluent Business Professionals and Decision Makers

Captive Audience

A unique clutter-free environment where the audience wants to watch your ads.  Elevator advertising has a higher brand recall than radio, television, newspapers and magazines.

Attractive Demographic

Get your message in front of a highly educated audience with an average household income of $107,000 per year (over 2X the national average!).  Are you a B2B company?  This is a great opportunity to reach CEOs, CIOs, and other decision makers!

Easy Set-Up

We make it easy for you to get started.  Our talented creative team will build you a professional video that highlights your business.  See example videos.

Take advantage of this exciting new opportunity for local businesses!  Reach a captive audience of affluent business professionals and decision makers with a powerful 15-second video displayed in the elevators of high-rise buildings.

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